About Us

Why choose Us.

A bespoke garment is completely hand made. Needless to say, no two garments are ever the same. We believe this so much that your name will be the only name on your garments.

Our Mission.

Sell "luxury measures", creating something unique and inimitable, what we calls the "luxury is not for everyone". Because producing luxury means to make the aristocratic in royal.

What we Do.

As "arbiter elegantiae" we want to create a tailored jewel, replacing production machines, only the human hand, and through hours of exhausting work we can guarantee that "luxury is not for everyone".

CEO & Founder

Giovanni Pedata

Born in Naples on 07/11/1976, since the age of 10 years old was always addicted to watching his grandfather Ponticiello Giusseppe known and respected Neapolitan tailor, while he sewed for hours entirely by hand clothes for the high Neapolitan middle class.

Always with the idea of pursuing part of what his grandfather had created, that sell "luxury measures" hence the project designed in a lifetime, creating something unique and inimitable, what he calls the "luxury is not for everyone"

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